President’s Desk


Dear Professional Friends,

It is my greatest delight for bestowing your  trust  and  faith  in  me  as  the incoming  President  of  this  Association. I  feel  very  humbled  and  blessed,  that I  have  been  elected  to  lead  this  brilliant Association in its 60th year.

Since  becoming  a  member  of  the  Association,  I  have w a t c h e d  m y  p r e d e c e s s o r s  w o r k  t i r e l e s s ly  f o r  t h e association and I know that I have very big shoes to fill. I fully embrace the opportunity and I am genuinely excited about the future of this great association.

Led  so ably,  by CA.  Raghavendra  Puranik,  our  outgoing President and supported by the Executive Committee have worked tirelessly for the Association. On behalf of you all, I wish to take this opportunity to thank CA. Raghavendra Puranik  and  his  team  for  their  work  and  commitment. I must say, you have set a new benchmark and new team will always look up to you for guidance and support.

Even in my rarest dreams, I would never have dreamt that I  will  be  become  45th president  of  one  of  the  oldest associations in India. It’s all because of you and your trust in m e .  Yo u  a l l  h ave  b o o s te d  my  m o ra l e  a n d  s e n s e  o f responsibility too. I will be failing in my duty, if I do not remember our Past Presidents CA. Maddanaswamy  B.V., CA.  T.M.  Dileep  Kumar  and  CA  Raveendra  S.  Kore,  who brought me to the association and groomed me to take up this position. There are others who have contributed in my success story and I am grateful to all of you. I specially thank my previous three term executive committee members for their wholehearted support given to me in this successful journey.

With all the opportunities and challenges that come with my acceptance to serve you all, I am of the belief that this journey will not be a smooth one if I walk it alone without any support. However, we thank our leaders for drafting our  bye laws that recognizes the importance of this 13- member’s executive committee. Through this synergism, we are going to make sure that our goal is achieved.

As we move into another year, we have lot of challenges to face and goals to achieve. Few of them are:

  • Focussing on increasing the membership base through outreach programs.
  • Identifying a suitable office premises, either on rent or outright  purchase  basis  to  augment  Association’s growth plans.
  • Expediting  the  execution  of  lease  cum  sale  deed  for Association’s Harohalli property by KIADB.
  • R e v i t a l i z i n g   t h e   c o m m i t t e e s   a n d   m a k i n g   t h e committees task oriented.

Activities for the year:

  • Shifting  focus  also  to  business  community,  finance professionals, accountants and general public.
  • Conducting  programs  which  will  add  value  to  the practitioners and members in Industry
  • C o n d u c t i n g  j o i n t  p ro g ra m s  w i t h  Tra d e – b o d i e s , Government Departments, Government agencies etc., to discharge our social responsibility and to improve visibility.
  • Adding thrust to mofussil programs
  • Community building and skill development
  • Identifying and encouraging talented professionals to excel in extracurricular activities
  • Organizing endowment lectures
  • Making timely representations on matters concerning profession.

These are the broad plans for the coming year. I request you  all  to  suggest  more  and  more  options  which  will strengthen association and take it to newer heights.

L e t  m e  t a ke  t h i s  o p p o r t u n i t y  t o  a c k n o wl e d g e  t h e tremendous and adorable initiatives that were undertaken by  the  previous  crop  of  leaders.  Indeed,  you  are  an inspiration, a challenge and an avenue for us to continue doing  these  great  works  that  you  began,  I  am  certain though, that with this team that we have, we shall even do much better because I have faith in this team.

This journey we cannot make alone as leaders, but it is through your support, critics and encouragements that we shall have something to do together because together we shall continue to make it. I am also aware of the fact that leadership  is  about  taking  responsibility,  not  making excuses.    Also,  I  remember  the  saying  “You  must  take p e r s o n a l  r e s p o n s i b i l i t y.  Yo u  c a n n o t  c h a n g e  t h e circumstances,  the  seasons,  or  the  wind,  but  you  can change yourself.”

‘Nothing is for free, nothing happens overnight. It takes tons and tons and tons of hard work. Success is a marathon not a sprint’. In this journey, we need your active support to reach our goals faster. I firmly believe none of us is stronger than all of us.

Thank  you  all  for  this  wonderful  opportunity.  I  look forward to the challenges ahead.

Upcoming events:

To educate trade and industry about the impact of GST, we are organizing workshops on ‘Impact of GST on Hotels, Restaurants  &  Hospitality  and  Jewellery  Sectors’  on Saturday 5th August 2017 and ‘Impact of GST on Real Estate Sector & RERA’ on Friday 11th August 2017 at Bengaluru. Fo r  o n l i n e  re g i s t ra t i o n s ,  yo u  m ay  p l e a s e  l o g i n  t o  The  details  of  the  above  workshops  are published elsewhere in this News Bulletin.

At  the  end,  I  would  like  to  conclude  with  thought  for  the month:

‘Don’t  judge  each  day  by  the  harvest  you  reap but  by  the  seeds  that  you  plant

                                                           – Robert Louis Stevenson.


CA Raghavendra T.N.