President’s Message | March 2024

Dear Members

I express my gratitude to all the participants of the 36th Annual Conference, themed ‘Jnanottirnata.’ I am thrilled to announce the resounding success of the conference. The delegate turnout exceeded our expectations, prompting us to close online registration a day before the event. Over 900 members registered for the conference. I extend my sincere thanks and humble appreciation to each individual for contributing to the success of this event. I attribute this achievement to the entire team of office bearers and Executive Committee members. I am grateful to God for blessing me with an exceptional team that assumed responsibilities, ensuring the tremendous success of this conference.

The panel discussions on Cooperative Society, Information Technology, Women as Organizational Leaders, and the CA Profession in Amrit Kaal underscored the importance of acquiring the right knowledge to excel in our field. The series on internal transformation by successful CAs in our profession, inspired many young chartered accountants, leading to a realignment of their perspectives.  CA members and their families showcased their skills through folk dances, singing, and various cultural activities. The family event drew an attendance of over 1000 individuals.

I am equally enthusiastic about sharing this message, especially since International Women’s Day is observed in March across many countries globally. This day serves as a recognition of women’s achievements, irrespective of political, economic, and cultural disparities. While women’s leadership has witnessed significant growth, it is imperative to address the challenges they continue to face in workplaces and social organizations.

It is noteworthy to share that  CA Geetha A B has become the Chairperson of SIRC of ICAI, as a second Woman after a gap of  65 years. This accomplishment fills us with pride, particularly considering her journey began in KSCAA. Her advancement in the administrative hierarchy is not just a personal triumph but also a guiding inspiration for aspiring women CAs across various generations.

As Chartered Accountants, it is now our opportunity to participate actively and articulate our perspective on the Government of India’s vision, Viksit Bharat@2047, aiming to transform India into a developed nation by 2047, marking its 100th year of independence. This vision encompasses multifaceted aspects of development, embracing economic growth, social advancement, environmental sustainability, and effective governance. Let us collaborate and collectively contribute our insights to this endeavour.

In February, Direct Tax Committee organised webinars on issues relating to Sec.43B(h) and Unwrapping issues on Taxation of Digital Transactions.

As said by Richard Branson,

“While it’s important to celebrate success, it is equally crucial to stay hungry, stay humble, and keep aiming for the next summit. Success is not a destination; it’s a continuous journey of growth and reinvention.”

Now is the moment to concentrate on routine programs and provide members with relevant insights beneficial for their professional assignments.

We have scheduled programs and events in Direct Taxes and Bank Audit for the month of March.  kindly stay connected with us through our Website and WhatsApp to actively participate in every event organised by KSCAA.

Wishing everyone a smooth and stress-free conclusion to the financial year.

Thank you,­

Happy Reading!

Best Regards,

Sujatha G